Looking… Good?

We’re entering the last mile of developing CWD 2.0, possibly the biggest change to the design of the University’s online services since ever. We thought we’d share a few of the ideas we’ve been bouncing around so that you can see how the CWD will look in multiple locations. As you’ll be able to see, the CWD allows for each site to be clearly branded (for easy identification) whilst still remaining firmly within the unified design.


Self explanatory – this will become the new default theme for all University of Lincoln blogs. Each blog will be able to change the banner independently.

Library & Learning Resources

A new design for the Library and Learning Resources provisions wherever we can get in to customise the design.

My Lincoln

A mythical new system for unifying preferences and settings around the University, My Lincoln comes in four flavours which a user can switch between depending on their home campus.

Network Access

A cleaner, more stylish way of logging in to the University’s network from Student Village and Riseholme Park accommodation.


Abstract splotches and swirls of colour tie together the University’s print services Pay For Print and Print From My PC, along with any new services developed in the future.


One of the new sites to archive the myriad of posters around the University, the banner image on this one is actually generated on-the-fly using old posters.

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