Install Git on RHEL5

We’ve started moving our development away from Subversion to Git and naturally we discovered that the RHEL5 repositories don’t have Git available so here are some instructions on how to install it.

1. Grab the latest version of Git source


2. Un-gunzip-tar it

tar xvfz

3. Configure and build the package

cd ./git-
make install

It’s worth noting that Git requires Zlib, so install a copy first if you don’t already have it.

Updates to CWD mobile

I’ve spent most of today bug fixing and enhancing the CWD 3.0 mobile styling. The list below are mobile browsers which I’ve tested on and got working nicely:

  • iPhone/iPod Touch Safari
  • iPad Safari
  • Android default browser
  • Blackberry 5 browser
  • Blackberry 6 browser
  • Nokia 5800 browser
  • Internet Explorer Mobile 5.5
  • Opera Mobile (latest version)

I still need to test:

  • Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7
  • Android tablet browser
  • Kindle

We need to go through and update all of the websites using CWD 3.0 at the moment for it to work completely (there are some HTML changes) however it won’t take long.

Below is a screenshot of the CWD home page on an iPhone 4.

CWD goes mobile

CWD goes mobile