Updates to CodeIgniter MongoDB library

This library can now be found at https://github.com/alexbilbie/codeigniter-mongodb-library and has been updated with numerous bug fixes since this post was written. If you find a new bug please add it to the issue tracker. Thanks!

I’ve spent some time this evening updating my CodeIgniter MongoDB library. You can get the latest release (4.0.1 at time of writing) at https://bitbucket.org/alexbilbie/codeigniter-mongo-library/

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/alexbilbie/codeigniter-mongo-library

Or if you’re one of the cool kids and using Sparks run

php tools/spark install -v4.0.1 mongodb

So what’s new?

You can now pass a mongo id in where and it will automatically be converted to the correct MongoId object type. You can also pass a field and value to the where function instead of an array. Thanks to Phil Sturgeon for this.

$this->mongo_db->where('_id', 'ced141265b96c037a3cab9dee0f3b4fa')->get('post')

I’ve also added a lot of new update functions which should make expressing updates much easier. Now you can write queries like:

->where('_id', 'ced141265b96c037a3cab9dee0f3b4fa')
->set('title', 'My new blog post')
->inc('comment_count', 1)
->push('comments', array('id'=>1, 'name'=>'Alex', 'text'=>'Hello, world!'))

The new functions you can use are:

  • inc – increment the (integer) value of a field
  • dec – decrement the (integer) value of a field
  • set – sets the field to a new value
  • unset – unsets a field
  • push – pushes a new element into an array
  • pop – pops the last element from an array
  • pull – removes all occurrences of value from field
  • rename_field – renames a field (key remains intact)

There are a few missing functions that I couldn’t get to work this evening but I’ll add them shortly:

  • push_all – appends each value (where value is an array) to field
  • pull_all – removes all occurrences of value (where value is an array) in field
  • bit – does a bitwise update of a field
  • add_to_set – adds value to the array only if its not in the array already, if field is an existing array, otherwise sets field to the array value if field is not present

There are a number of other small enhancements, and I’ve updated the licence to the MIT License.

Introducing Total ReCal – the Web Application

Total ReCal interface

Building on our experience from developing the Common Web Design (CWD), we present the CWDx 1.0, designed specifically for awesome web based applications.

CWDx is 100% HTML5 and CSS3, includes extensive WIA-ARIA mark-up for accessibility, is Ajax driven and is wonderfully minimalistic.

The application is build using the CodeIgniter 2.0 PHP framework, and uses MongoDB as the database. The front end uses jQuery, jQuery UI and a number of functions from PHP.js.

The calendar itself is an amazing jQuery plugin called FullCalendar which emulates a lot of Google Calendar’s functionality.

Currently students can view their academic timetable and if they have any, their Blackboard assignment deadlines. Both staff and students also have their own calendar which they can write to. Everyone can subscribe to their calendar on a mobile device or in another application such as Google Calendar.

In the next few weeks users will have access to their library book return dates, will be able to create new calendars and share events, and we’re currently developing a CalDav system that will allow true event syncing across multiple devices and applications.